1. Ask the Strider

    So, I’ve decided that since this blog stopped being much of an ask blog, I’m going to try and fix that. I’ve decided to make it an ask the Strider blog, with the same name as it already has. But, if I’m asked a question, I’ll be answering it in a cosplay gif, as Dave Strider.

    So ask questions, bros.

  2. My beautiful self.

    Ignore the fact that it’s like past midnight and yeee

  3. stripping-with-freckled-jesus:

    It had to be done

  4. Mun-Day

    • So.
    • Starting next week, I will be doing mun pictures ouo
    • So expect them!




    Your blog has now been signed by the 104th Trainees Squad.




    Listen here you

    (Source: paintedscarlet, via tastelessdeadmarcojokes)

  5. UBCon

    So, UBCon 2014, April 11-13, right?

    I’m going.

    So have fun trying to find me there if any of my lovely followers are going! I’m going as Dave Strider Friday, Trickster Dave Saturday, and female Dave Sunday!

    Have fun ;D

  6. The Cronus Picture

    (( I just checked a message I had and the artist asked me to remove it since I failed to ask permission to post it. So yeah; I took it down.

    Sorry to the artist for not asking permission. ))

  7. This is why I'm not allowed to be Dirk.


  8. Tumblr Pro

    So I noticed a small box that said Tumblr Pro- Free and clicked it.

    And after watching a two minute video and agreeing to go pro, it gave my icon a top hat.

    Beautiful, Tumblr.


    (( Not mine, credit to whoever. ))